What are all the different order status and its meaning?



Authorized (For Online Payment Gateway only) If you have paid through our online payment gateway, your order status will be Authorized. Once your payment has been realized, your order moves to Pending status.
Pending By default, your order will be put to pending status. This means that your order is waiting for the payment.
Under Processing Your order has been picked and we will be fulfilling your order and your order is getting ready for packing
Processed Your order is processed and ready for shipping anytime. Typically it will be shipped same day or next day and you will be given tracking code to track your order
Shipped Your order has been packed and left our premises for delivery.
Partially Shipped On rare cases if we could not ship all the ooks you have ordered, we will be shipped your order in multiple consignments and the order status will be partially shipped.
Delivered Your order has been delivered.
Returned Your order has been returned to us.
Cancelled Your order has been cancelled. Only Pending orders can be cancelled.
Completed Your order is delivered and it is complete from all aspects.


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