Heroes or Villains : Sri Lanka circa 2007 - Heroes or Villians?

Heroes or Villians? - Heroes or Villains : Sri Lanka circa 2007

வகை: கட்டுரைகள் (Katuraigal)
எழுத்தாளர்: என். சத்யமூர்த்தி
பதிப்பகம்: Oxygen Books (Oxygen Books)
ISBN : 9788183687881
Pages : 268
பதிப்பு : 1
Published Year : 2008
விலை : ரூ.200
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The Toymakers: Light from India's Urban Madras : Tracing The Growth of The City Since 1639
  • இப்புத்தகத்தை பற்றி
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  • Heroes or Villains? Sri Lanka, circa 2007 is a collection of a series of weekly articles by N Sathiya Moorthy in the Daily Mirror, Colombo, over a 12 month period between Prabhakaran's 'Heroes' Day' speeches in 2006 and 2007. These individual pieces pegged to events around the time but present a holistic picture of the tragic developments in the island, at the same time highlighting 'the realistic options available to the various stake-holders.' The book has succeeded in maintaining an independent position vis a vis New Delhi's strategic and security concerns and the pan-Tamil politics of Tamil Nadu. In the author's words, 'they contextualise references to India and Tamil Nadu to the prevailing ground situation in Sri Lanka.' Sathiya Moorthy's personal perceptions, crystal clear and rising above partisan considerations, illuminate without prejudice, leading to cool headed analysis. Essential reading for all responsible Indians, Sri Lankans and observers of Sri Lanka concerned about its future.

  • This book Heroes or Villians? is written by and published by Oxygen Books.
    இந்த நூல் Heroes or Villains : Sri Lanka circa 2007, என். சத்யமூர்த்தி அவர்களால் எழுதி Oxygen Books பதிப்பகத்தால் வெளியிடப்பட்டது.

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