English Activity

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எழுத்தாளர் :Vijaya Chandrasekaran
பதிப்பகம் :நியூ செஞ்சுரி புக் ஹவுஸ்
Publisher :New century book house
புத்தக வகை :சிறுவர்களுக்காக
பக்கங்கள் :56
பதிப்பு :1
Published on :2008
ISBN :9788123412863
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We take pleasure in presenting  "Do and achieve "english activity   book for  K.G .Children. This book has been published to make  children recohnise littters, activies and puzzles through an interesting step -by -srtp method. practice exercises are given, based on their understanding capacity. It hilps tham to do relative study by learning experience. Here we impart more activity oriented concept, so that it increaese underatanding ability. Children,s activities suggested  in  Do And Achieve , will  be easily accomplished with teacher,s follow -up work and parents support.