Anatomy of The Head & Neck

Lecture Notes on Anatomy of the Head & Neck

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எழுத்தாளர் :Dr. Saratha Kathiresan
பதிப்பகம் :நியூ செஞ்சுரி புக் ஹவுஸ்
Publisher :New century book house
புத்தக வகை :அறிவியல்
பக்கங்கள் :320
பதிப்பு :1
Published on :2007
ISBN :9788123411019
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Anatomy of The Herd & Neck : Since there are adequate , good text- books in anatomy of the human body
including head  and neck anatomy , my interst was mainly on MCQ books.  with nearly a decade of teaching in the
saveetha dental college. I found students making xerox copies of my class lectures and notes given to them. Invariably the
copies were taken from one of the good students of the class. It was the stimuls given to me by my students that made
me think of publishing my lectures as a Hand - book of head & neck anatomy .

I thank my assisstants. Dr. Sivakumar for the compilation of the appendix useful for the practical examination, and Ms.
Shoba for helping me in scrutinising the manuscript . Prof india has authorised a chaptor on histology. I thank our dean ,
prof. C.K.Dhansekaran, for all the encouragement given to me. I am grateful to the salesian institute of graphic arts,
chennai, for doing a good jop and finishing the work on time. I dedicate this book to all the students of density in general,
and to the students of the saveetha dental collage in particular.

                                                                                                                                    prof. Dr . Saratha Kathiresan.