Life Insurance

Life Insurance

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Published on :2009
ISBN :9788184931662
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Life insurance is a necessity that guarantees financial security in the hour of need. But it may do more harm than good if the terms and conditions are not understood and adhered to properly. The author, Gnanasundaram Krishnamurthy, former chairman of Life Insurance Corporation of India, explains the ins and outs of life insurance and the legal aspects associated with claims through illustrative case studies.

The book serves as a guide to:

Policy holders, explaining

Their rights and obligations to be taken care of both before and after buying the policy.

The grievance redressal process to follow in the event of rejection of claims.

Insurance agents, helping them

Update their knowledge on legal aspects of insurance.

Offer better guidance to their clients at the point of sale and for settlement of claims.

Explain to their clients what they need to know before taking out an insurance policy.