Bridge Course For Freshers

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எழுத்தாளர் :D.E. Benet
பதிப்பகம் :பாவை பப்ளிகேஷன்ஸ்
Publisher :Paavai Publications
புத்தக வகை :பொது
பக்கங்கள் :130
பதிப்பு :1
Published on :2005
ISBN :9788177352016
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` The bridge course has always helped the fresher in two significant ways. First, it offers a quick recollection of things learned in the past. Second, it prepares them to face the classroom with courage as English becomes not only the medium of instruction but also the library language. Besides giving them a foretaste of the wider use of English language, this course is designed to lesson the anxieties as regards English language. This book comes as handy tool that can be used effectively by freshers who nurse inhibitions on the use of English teacher can add much more to the contents. We have certainly raised the bar, so to speak, to make the students try a little harder. Some of the reading comprehension passages may pose some difficulty. That is the reason they have been glossed. The grammar exercise are written after a careful study of the models provided by grammarians. The purpose is to include anything on the strees or the intonation of the language. Spoken English can't be taught! we do encourage the students to practice speaking with their peers and teachers first. We hope this book will be of some help to the students who wants to bridge the school and the college with ease. We just want to remind them that they are at the bridge and crossing it would depend on their efforts and commitment.