Tips to Success in Life

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எழுத்தாளர் :V. Srinivasan
பதிப்பகம் :பாவை பப்ளிகேஷன்ஸ்
Publisher :Paavai Publications
புத்தக வகை :சுய முன்னேற்றம்
பக்கங்கள் :55
பதிப்பு :2
Published on :2006
ISBN :9798177351933
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This book contains tips to achieve success in life. The Subjects included are :'Initiative brings Success', How to win friends' ' Qualities of a great man ' work makes life sweet', How to be happy 'Anger is your enemy' 'Be punctual' etc. The compiler of this book Shri. V. Srinivasan, has also given quotations from the writings of great men life Swami Vivekananda, Confucious, Edward Hubhard, J.R. Miller and extracts from popular newspapers, magazines and journals. We hope that this book will be useful, particularly for the young people, in their efforts to achieve success in their lives. We are very thankful to Shri. V. Srinivasan for the pains he has taken in compiling this useful book.